Before 1960


Inaugurational lecture for appointment as associate professor (venia legendi) at Pázmány Péter University, Budapest, 1942. Board members: Prof. F. Kiss and Prof. I. Törő

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John Szentágothai (J. Sz.) with wife Alice and the daughters. Pécs, 1952

At the Hungarian Physiological Congress, Szeged, 1955

J. Sz. performing stereotaxic surgery with technician G. Forgó. Pécs, 1956

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J. Sz. drawing and analyzing maps of cat hypothalamus. Pécs, 1956

Making a statement from his silvestrine ?throne?. Bottom right: B. Flerkó, top right: G. Szekely. Mecsek hills near Pécs, 1956

Anatomy lecture. Pécs, 1957

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Anatomy lecture. Pécs, 1957

Demonstrating the topography of female pelvic organs with living subjects. Pécs, 1957

J. Sz. with Alice at the 10th anniversary of appointment, Pécs, 1957

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With B. Flerkó. Pécs, 1957

With his favourite sketchbook in the Mecsek hills. Right: J. Hámori. 1957

In the library with Prof. G. Romhányi. Pécs, 1958


Graphic demonstration of the eye for anatomy students. Pécs, around 1958