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Catching crabs in a creek in the Mecsek hills with G. Székely. 1961

Quiet meditation over a sketch in the woods of Mecsek. 1961

Where are the crabs? Mecsek 1962

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Gotcha! Mecsek 1962

Farewell to Pécs. Last departmental photo Pécs August 1963

Welcome to the new office in Budapest. Around 1964

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Inaugural lecture in the Anatomy Department (Budapest, 1963)

Inaugural lkecture in the Anatomy Department (Budapest, 1963)

The audience of the inaugural lecture of J.Sz. (Budapest, 1963)

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The new head of the Anatomy Department (J.Sz., holds rosary) together with F. Kiss (the former head of the Department)

Friendly conversation on the occasion of Prof. Akhmajev's visit to the Anat. Department (F. Kiss, Mrs. Szentagothai, Dr. Akhmajev, J.Sz.)