Inauguration of János Szentágothai’s bust at the Technical School for Health Workers named after him

Date: 26th March, 1999
Location: Budapest,

Inauguration of János Szentágothai’s bust

Inauguration of Szentágothai’s relief at the Department of Anatomy, Semmelweis University

001Date: 25th November, 2000
Location: Department of Anatomy, Budapest

Anatomy to me is not only the inalienable basis of all medical thinking and activity  but  also one of the highest manifestation of the eternal beauty and harmony of material and life.

Link: Inauguration of Szentágothai’s relief

A promenade has been named after János Szentágothai in the inner city of Pécs

János Szentágothai’s Memorial at the J.Sz. promenade (Pécs, Kálvária St. corner)
Date: 24th September, 2002
Source: Népszabadság Online


Foundation of János Szentágothai Protestant Qualified College

Date: 2004
Location: University of Pécs


Protestant Diocese of Baranya Count

The Hungarian Unitarian Church

Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Pécs

Faculty of Natural Scinences, University of Pécs

Student Union of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Pécs

Memorial Conference at the H.A.S. and wreath-laying ceremony


Marble tablet  of great Hungarian scientists
Time:Date: 8th September, 2004
Location: H.A.S. and Nagy Imre Sq. Budapest (2nd district)


Confederation of Hungarian Employers and Industrialists
Link: http://www.mgyosz.hu/en/

The Federation of Technical and Scientific Societies - MTESZ
Link: http://www.mtesz.hu/

National Office for Research and Technology (NKTH)
Legal successor: National Innovation Office
Link: http://www.nih.gov.hu/english

On the left side: Great Hungarians in Scientists

Source: Semmelweis Egyetem News

Scientific meeting on the occasion giving the name „János Szentágothai” to the Neurosciences PhD School of the Semmeweis University

Date: 18th October, 2004
Location: Depratment of Anatomy, Semmelweis Medical School


Commemoration on the 95th birthday of János Szentágothai

Date: 30th October, 2007
Location: Depratment of Anatomy, Semmelweis Medical School


New stemp has been issued by the Hungarian Post Office Limited on the occasion of J. Szentágothai Centenarium

04Stamp issuing authority Hungarian Post Office Limited

Date of issue: 6 July, 2012
Subject: Remarkable Hungarians – János Szentágothai (famous scientist)


The World Association for the Development of Philately (WADP) and the Universal Postal Union (UPU)

Name-giving ceremony of the new Research Centre of the University of Pécs

Inauguration  János Szentágothai’s bronze statue
Date: 29th October 2012
Location: University of Pécs


Link http://www.pte.hu/hirek/2834 (in Hungarian)

See short video of the event (in hungarian)


Szentágothai János square in the 9th district, Budapest

06Date: 22nd November, 2012
Location: 9th dsitrict, Budapest


A square opposite to the Basic Medical Science Center of the Semmelweis University has been named after János Szentágothai

Link: http://www.semmelweis-univ.hu/

Link: http://www.ferencvaros.hu/

Szentágothai János Senior Researcher Scholarship in the frame of the National Excellence Program

Date: 10th April, 2013


Link: http://www.emet.gov.hu/europai-unios-palyazatok

Link: http://kih.gov.hu/osztondijprogramok/

9th János Szentágothai Interdisciplinary Conference

Date & location: 2-days conference on the 3rd and 4th of May, 2013, at the University of Pécs.

Source: News of János Szentágothai Protestant „Szakkollégium”